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The Academy of Professional Cosmetology (APC) specializes in training tomorrow’s Cosmetology Professionals. We offer comprehensive courses that prepare students for licensing by the Arkansas Department of Health-Cosmetology. We are very comfortable recommending to prospective students that they visit all the schools. Talk to the students. Talk to the salon owners and managers, the people who hire the students. They will be glad to discuss the schools. Educate yourself about what you are getting into. Be passionate about it and you will always enjoy your career.


We believe our school should:

    •       Provide quality instruction

    •       Provide an atmosphere that allows you to enjoy your time in school

    •       Encourage you to be creative

    •       Realize your education is a serious matter to you (expensive)

    •       Be there with answers in your quest for knowledge

    •       Ensure you receive the help and support you need to succeed

    •       Be fun

    •       Always be your proud friend after graduation

APC Schools, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Beauty School in Rogers, AR