Effective 7/14/2021:
Academy of Professional Cosmetology is offering ALL new Cosmetology students the Lash Extension Basic Technique and Safety Class training (8 hours) free of charge and as a part of their course.

Welcome to the Academy of Professional Cosmetology

At the Academy of Professional Cosmetology, students are offered the opportunity to learn the principles and modern techniques of cosmetology that can start them on a profitable and rewarding career.

All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

Mission Statement: The Academy of Professional Cosmetology strives to provide our students with the best environment and opportunity to develop skills in the field of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences and other related fields. We must lead by example as our communities become more diversified, we must be all-inclusive to our student body, faculty and staff. We aim to be distinctive among our peers in our commitment to our students during their time in our school and continuing throughout their careers.