Welcome to the Academy of Professional Cosmetology

At the Academy of Professional Cosmetology, students are offered the opportunity to learn the principles and modern techniques of cosmetology that can start them on a profitable and rewarding career.

Mission Statement: The Academy of Professional Cosmetology strives to provide our students with the best environment and opportunity to develop skills in the field of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences and other related fields. We must lead by example as our communities become more diversified, we must be all inclusive to our student body, faculty and staff. We aim to be distinctive among our peers in our commitment to our students during their time in our school and continuing throughout their careers.

  • What I loved about my school experience was how they made it feel like a family not just another student. I feel like coming to school at Academy of Professional Cosmetology helped achieve my dream job and I couldn’t have done it without them”

    Toni, 2014 graduate
    Working at Shear Madness Salon, Anderson, MO
  • “I liked how many clients we had come in so I felt like I had way more hands on experience compared to what other schools provided. I also liked that we had speakers come visit to further our learning about multiple areas such as color theory, hair cutting, and we were educated on different types of shears!”

    Kimberly, 2013 graduate
    Working at Salon Rouge, Heber Springs
  • “The school prepared me for my life in the salon by giving me the basic knowledge of hair and the important principles it takes to perform. From all aspects like color, cutting, customer service and business, APC made sure I was ready for my career once I was done with school. Practicing state boards on a regular basis helped me feel so confident when I needed to take my final exams and ensured I was ready to embark on this amazing journey as a hair stylist. Two and a half years after being out of school, I look back and I’m so thankful I decided to go to APC.”

    Mandi, 2013 gradute
    Working at T Michaels Salon, Rogers