sinEstablishing the Academy of Professional Cosmetology began with her 10 years as a salon owner in the Republic of Korea, followed by 12 years as an instructor in Lafayette, LA and 11 years as a school owner in Northwest Arkansas. She and her husband purchased Leon’s Hair Training Academy in Springdale Arkansas which they later named the Career Academy of Cosmetology. With the help of Betty Jo Bailey, Becky Hattabaugh, Lee Ann Smith, Alecia Smith, Angie Holcomb, and many others, her first and second schools developed into institutions to be proud of. Reaching retirement age, Sin sold the two schools in 2006. Retirement didn’t fit well and having had such an enjoyable and successful time in her profession Sin once again returned to the field in 2010 that gave her so much enjoyment. At that time, Sin established The Academy of Professional Cosmetology in Rogers Arkansas. The Academy of Professional Cosmetology is founded with a sincere desire that every student will enjoy their training and career as much as she has and upon the ethics and standards that represent the best of professional cosmetology.

Sin Barnes has been in the beauty industry since 1967, she started as an instructor in Louisiana in 1982. Sin and her husband Roger Barnes moved to NWA and saw an opportunity to by a school and owned and operated it from 1995 -2006. Sin wanted to be back in the school industry so she started the Academy of Professional Cosmetology in 2010. Sin has a passion to educate and to instill good work ethics in the students that she has the opportunity to train.